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Learn how to start streamlining your approach to participation agreements with boardingpass™

The Future of Collective Investment Trust (CIT) Onboarding is Here

Being an industry leader in CITs means always thinking of ways to make managing qualified plans easier and more convenient for you – and the client accounts you manage. Our new approach to participation agreements will balance modern-day innovation with a streamlined approach so you can access everything you need in one location.


Modernizing Participation Agreements

Save time with a simple, streamlined management approach. 


Access all your funds and resources in a one-stop shop. 


Eliminate paper copies and engage in more communication.


Become an innovative leader with your current and new clients.

Understanding the Industry

Planning for What's Ahead

CIT governance practices and the policies and procedures banks and trust companies use to govern their CIT offerings are emerging as factors that may warrant consideration by plan fiduciaries when making plan investment option decisions.

The Future of Plan Onboarding

Great Gray is changing the game for plan sponsors, advisors, and recordkeepers in five key ways.


Debunking Myths Around CITs

Learn more about four common misconceptions in the retirement community around CITs.

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